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Affordable Care Act

You Need Health Insurance Coverage

An accident or sickness can change your life – big time. With health insurance you get the care you need, not a bill you can’t afford.

  • Accidents happen and costs add up quickly.
  • Health insurance coverage protects you from going broke.
  • Major illness and injury health insurance plans are available.
  • Without health insurance you have less choice on where you get care.

The Health Insurance Rules have Changed

Now new changes in health insurance mean new ways to keep you and your family healthy.

  • Big changes in health insurance mean now you can have access to affordable, quality health insurance coverage to protect you and your family.
  • Different levels of pricing, to fit just about any budget.
  • Different levels of coverage to fit you and your family’s needs.
  • The HEALTH INSURANCE MARKETPLACE is making plans available from quality insurance companies and may help you pay for your coverage.
  • Your health insurance can’t be cancelled because you get sick.

You have New Choices for Your Health Care

  • You will not be told “No”: Health insurance and the cost of health insurance does not change because of sickness or illnesses you currently have or have had in the past.
  • You get to choose your doctors and hospitals
  • If you are a young adult, you can get affordable health insurance
  • You have a choice of quality health insurance plans
  • You have the right to appeal health insurance decisions

Quality & Affordable

You deserve great care. The HEALTH INSURANCE MARKETPLACE is making sure you can afford it.

  • The new health care law helps make insurance affordable.
  • Financial assistance and help with co-payments is available.
  • Get -free preventive care and access to quality hospitals and doctors
  • Your health insurance is provided by trusted insurance companies.
  • New plans limit the amount of money you pay for out-of-pocket for health care.

Coverage You Need at the Price You Need

The health insurance coverage you need at a price you can feel good about.

  • · Different levels of pricing to fit just about any budget.
  • · Different levels of health insurance coverage to fit you and your family’s needs.
  • · Help with paying for the cost of your health insurance.

Affordable & Easy

Now affordable, easy-to-get health coverage is here.

  • HEALTH INSURANCE MARKETPLACE is committed to making health insurance more affordable and easy to get.
  • People who want you to be covered by health insurance are here to help.
  • Financial assistance and help with co-pays may be available.
  • Getting signed up is easy and takes very little time.
  • No one will be denied coverage because they are sick.
  • Coverage for individuals, families and couples – even adult children up to age 26 can be included on your health insurance plan.

Enroll Now

To see what insurance options are available to you and what assistance you may qualify for, please get the following documents and information ready:

  • W-2 or most recent Paystub information
  • Name, Date of Birth and Social Security Numbers for all people you would like to enroll
  • Call 801-350-4061 Now!

Click on the link below to finish the enrollment process.  If you would like someone to help you enroll in a health insurance plan or discuss your health insurance options, please call (801) 350-4061 or visit the Medical Center for assistance enrolling in-person.  Appointments to enroll and assistance enrolling in your home are available.


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